Our Services

Video Production

Our process starts by identifying our client's goals to ensure the personality and voice of the subject matter is apparent in delivery. The end result is media that tells a story in an effective way.

Aerial Videography

Ever wonder what a bird feels like looking down on us? Our two drones allow us a bird’s eye view from up to 400 feet in the air! With our licensed pilot, we are able to include drone work in any of our videos, whether it be an event on the beach or a piece of property for real estate agents, our drones can handle it all.

Promotional & Advertisement 

Platinum Peek Productions excels at producing both engaging and highly informative promotional videos that effectively explains the details of a given product or service provided. These videos serve to inform audiences on the benefits of the product or service, while offering coherent explanations on questions or concerns. While producing a promotional video, it’s important to know your audience. Who is interested in your product or service? Who will it benefit the most? Understanding the target audience is essential to making an effective promotional video.

Event Videography

Whether it’s the annual corporate Christmas Party, or a crucial industry trade show, it’s important that your business gains exposure and furthers brand awareness. These videos are developed with one thing in mind: to draw attention to your business using both creativity and close attention to detail. With a crew of two or more, we cover multiple camera angles and also collect audio for post production.


Documentary style videos must encompass three things: ethos (appeal to credibility), logos (appeal to logic) and especially pathos (appeal to emotion). The goal is to tell a story the audience will feel a connection with. An important feature of documentaries has always been emotional appeal and genuine character development, which leads to audiences connecting to your business on a more personal level. With every documentary, the intention should be to make viewers forget they are watching an advertisement. Through an impactful video, a subject can resonate with viewers. This level of attachment will lead to an attachment to your business, and a solid relationship with your audience.

Demo Videos

Platinum Peek Productions Demo Reel

Aerial Footage Demo Reel

Saint Mary’s Athletic Culture

SlimChic Commercial