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Authority Videos
Discover our proven strategies that businesses and entrepreneurs use to take the hassle out of creating content. It's time to start telling your story, building your authority and SELLING more. Book Discovery Call

Start Attracting The Customers That Need You, Boost Your Influence And Increase Your Revenue.

Do You Want To Become The Authority In Your Industry?

Need Help With Your Video Content And Implantation?


It feels like every niche and industry has become saturated with new entrepreneurs and businesses in the last year. So breaking through all this noise can be tough. Okay, Let’s be honest, it can feel downright impossible.

Creating videos for social media that attract the right audience for your brand takes time and expertise. But slaving away on content without a strong strategy instead of focusing on your customers and your business isn’t the right way to do things. There’s a better solution…


Authority Videos - Our Solution to Creating Authority

What Are 'Authority Videos'?

Authority Videos are our solution to helping you building authority in your industry and most immortally saving you dozen of hours in the content creation process.

“But why is becoming an authority important?”

When you become an authority you are trusted. People think of you before other brands. Having authority puts you at the top of your niche. Authority brings growth. power. and massive profits!!!

So. stop struggling with your video strategy. Gain authority and grow your business with Authority Videos…

Here's How Authority Videos Can Help You...

It’s all delivering value that people need and saving you as the business owner time. A powerful video strategy will skyrocket you and your business to success. Get our award winning production company on your side to help…


Fed up with going unnoticed?

Well help you create relevant video content for all of you social. platforms. Whether it’s YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn, etc.

We have the team and the know-how to make you an Authority in your industry using video. Our team will create…

➲ A plan to build your brand awareness
➲ Content that attracts the right audience to you
➲ SEO optimized video scripts


Is editing your content taking up too much of your time? Want an easier way to get professionally polished social videos?
We can take your raw video and edit it into mind-blowing social media content. We can even use one video to create multiple deliverables for different sizes and platforms:

➲ YouTube – helping with SE0 visibility
➲ IGTV – including subtitles and graphics
➲ Stories – to drive traffic to your posts
➲ Facebook and Linkedln – for your personal and professional networks
➲ Shorts – perfect for TikTok and Reels


Who actually has time to upload and post all of their videos?

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! So you can focus on what matters, relationships and deals.

We’ll help you take advantage of each platform’s varied set of posting features to optimize every post you put out there. We’ll make sure your posts get noticed so you get the best possible ROI.


Getting Started with Platinum Peek is as easy as 1, 2, 3…


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We will lay out the game plan to go from current you to desired you by using videos and media strategies.


We’re a fit?! Excellent. Let’s make you the ultimate authority in your market, fast!

What Clients Say

Chuck Katis

The crew at Platinum Peek are professional, fun to work with, and produce exceptionally high quality work. They captured our vision, expanded upon it, and were able to convey it through well planned and beautiful imagery. 100% recommend to anyone looking to take their story or event to a new level.

Sheila Parmar

Worked with Platinum Peek to create an innovate video to showcase a day in the life of a team member. It is a very vital tool in our recruiting process. I found them very easy to work with, professional and very creative.

Abel James

One Video Advertisement Platinum Peek made for me out performed another agency by $300,000 .


We'll do the rest. So put your brand awareness, authority, and profit growth on autopilot with Authority Videos!

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