Meet the Team

Before Platinum Peek

We started making films at age ten on our mom’s VHS recorder. Costumes, storylines, props… we went all out. Over a decade later, our passion for filmmaking hasn’t died down in the slightest. We figured, if making films is our passion, why settle for anything less when it comes to our careers?


We founded Platinum Peek Productions in 2016 and launched our media agency shortly after. Since our inception, we’ve serviced both businesses and personal brands across the country, filming documentaries, music videos, promotional videos, corporate videos, and more. In late 2017, we created a subsidiary brand called Peek Wedding Films, where we make couples feel like movie stars on their special day.

Why We’re Different

We focus extensively on human qualities because we believe the most human story wins. Yes, you must promote your service or product, but what many agencies fail to do is truly showcase the humanity behind these things. People nowadays get behind people. It’s less about the product and more about whether they trust the person behind the product.   

We use storytelling as a way to communicate your message to a targeted audience and leverage technology to get that story across a digital medium. Instead of focusing on just one aspect of your life, like your business, we explore all the aspects that make you, you. Doing this creates a robust, comprehensive narrative that appeals to a wider audience. No one likes one-dimensional characters.

Who We Are